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Bachelor thesis

  • Atmospheric plasma functionalization of durable polysilazanes coatings (supervisor: Pedram Ghourchi Beigi)
  • Novel materials for flexible and printed electronics (supervisor: Tomáš Homola)
  • Effect of plasma discharge on adhesion properties of polymer substrate (supervisor: Jakub Kelar)
  • Study of aging efect of plasma modification of polymer substrate (supervisor: Jakub Kelar)
  • Study of the influence of dielectric barrier discharges on polymer-metal sandwich materials (supervisor: Jakub Kelar)
  • The study of the generation of plasma-activated gaseous media with a high concentration of ozone and hydrogen peroxide (supervisor: Zlata Kelar Tučeková)
  • Atmospheric plasma surface modification of fluoropolymers for adhesion improvement for biomedical applications (supervisor: Richard Krumpolec)
  • Cleaning and activation of flexible glass surfaces using atmospheric plasma in order to deposit thin films (supervisor: Slavomír Sihelník)
  • The efect of plasma treatment of aramid fibres on improvement of mechanical properties of FRP composites (supervisor: Dana Skácelová)
  • Treatment of seeds using a plasma jet at atmospheric pressure (supervisor: Pavel Slavíček)
  • Comparison of different methods of optical emission spectra evaluation (supervisor: Pavel Slavíček)
  • Study of plasma source parameters for chemical analysis (supervisor: Pavel Slavíček)
  • Roll-to-roll plasma treatment of polymer films with an emphasis on the so-called backside treatment (supervisor: Vlasta Štěpánová)

Master thesis

  • Novel materials for flexible and printed electronics (supervisor: Tomáš Homola)
  • Diagnostics of plasma-activate gaseous media with high concentration of ozone and hydrogen peroxide (supervisor: Zlata Kelar Tučeková)
  • Plasma-assisted immobilization of hyaluronic acid on poly(lactic) acid nonwoven fabrics (supervisor: Dana Skácelová)
  • The effect of plasma treatment of natural fibres on the properties of laminated FRP composites (supervisor: Dana Skácelová)
  • The study of rf plasma nozzles with larger diameters (supervisor: Pavel Slavíček)


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