PhD students

  • Slavomír Sihelník (4. year, topic: Non-thermal plasma as an effective tool for cleaning, activation or functionalization of glass surfaces prior to a coating application, supervisor: Dušan Kováčik)
  • Július Vida (3. year, topic: Enhancement of perovskite solar cells by atmospheric pressure plasma treatment, supervisor: Tomáš Homola)
  • Jianyu Feng (3. year, topic: Large area plasma modification of rough, structured and curved surfaces, supervisor: Mirko Černák)
  • Ali Jamaati Kenari (2. year, topic: Development and diagnosis of atmospheric pressure plasma sources for surface modification of materials, supervisor: Dušan Kováčik)
  • Veronika Kažiková (1. year, topic: Identifikace defektů v perovskitových solárních článcích a jejich pasivace pomocí atmosférického plazmatu, supervisor: Tomáš Homola)
  • Pedram Ghourchi Beigi (1. year, topic: Atmospheric-pressure plasma modification of materials for surface coatings with the unique properties and their characterization, supervisor: Dušan Kováčik)
  • Leila Zahedi (1. year, topic: Atmospheric-pressure plasma functionalization of dressings for controlled drug delivery and wound healing, supervisor: Mirko Černák)
  • František Zažímal (1. year, topic: Magnetic and photocatalytic properties of iron oxides printed thin films, supervisor: Tomáš Homola)

Master students

  • Lenka Smílková (1. year)
  • Eliška Kostrůnková (1. year)
  • Michal Fleischer (1. year)
  • Pavel Kosík (1. year)

Bachelor students

  • Jakub Macků (3. year)
  • Václav Król (4. year)
Group photo (2018)

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