We are focused on the development of atmospheric-pressure plasma sources, their optimization, innovation and customization for the modification of materials used in a wide range of industrial fields. Many of our plasma technologies use a unique plasma source, that has several advantages in comparison with other commercial plasma sources. We have the ambition to be more environmentally friendly, while keeping costs low. The plasma can be so cold that even temperature-sensitive materials can be treated. We are able to increase the active area of the plasma in a controlled manner for the purpose of large-scale surface treatments. As a result, the range of our industrial partners is gradually expanding to the areas not yet affected by plasma. Our proprietary technologies open the door to cooperation with foreign scientific institutions dealing with plasmachemistry and material research.

Research fields

  • Surface properties enhancement of different materials (e.g. glass, polymers, textile, metals, paper, wood, atd.)
  • Cleaning and activation of surface
  • Surface decontamination
  • Bioapplications (improvement of seeds germination, water treatment)
  • Flexible and printed electronics
  • Plasma assisted calcination of nanofibers
  • Roll-to-roll plasma treatment of flexible materials
  • Ultrathin composite layers (ALD)
  • Plasma-reduced graphene oxide materials (videos)
  • Plasma treatment of hollow objects and tubes
  • Development and research of new plasma sources
  • Research of basic properties of dielectric barrier discharges

Laboratory equipment

Besides our own plasma systems, we are equiped at CEPLANT centre with a several commercial plasma systems. In cooperation with other research groups, we carry out research regarding surface analysis and plasma diagnostics.


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